Contec ApS and Contec International GmbH

Contec ApS is a Danish producer and supplier of High Performance Concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete for applications in different business area's like: Offshore, Wear protection, Concrete Rehabilitation, Security Industry and Industrial Floors.

Our head office, laboratory, research and development department and main production facilities are located in Højbjerg in the centre of Denmark near the city Aarhus.

The staff of Contec ApS have more than 25 years theoretical, commercial and practical experience with High Performance Concrete ,Ultra High Performance Concrete, Heavy Reinforced High Performance Concrete and Heavy Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete in different business area's.

Our technical competence is reinforced by our association with various end-users, technical universities, engineering companies and - departments, contractors and suppliers.

Contec ApS is a well established company with production facilities, offices, clients and partners in a number of countries.

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Our Philosophy

We shall be sensitive to our clients' requirements and intrinsic needs for quality, cost and timely completion of their projects and post project service. We will continue to empower our employees to react positively to changes in technology and work ethics.

Management Team Contec ApS and Contec International GmbH