Our Technology

The Contec materials are all in the category of High Performance - and Ultra High Performance Concrete with compressive strengths up to more than 200 MPa and in the case of special composed heavy reinforced composites (CRC) even more than 300 MPa. The Contec Technology is based on the scientific achievements, ideas and theories of civil engineer Hans Henrik Bache in the last century (1978 – 1986).


Modifications are made to the original DSP (Densified Systems containing homogeneously arranged ultra-fine Particles) and CRC (Compact Reinforced Composite) technology to cope with problems like workability, finishability and shrinkage. The Contec technology make it possible to place both High Performance - and Ultra High Performance Concrete in thin toppings and ultra thin white toppings with traditional equipment by contractors and floor layers. Also is it possible with the Contec Technology to produce tailor made composite structures and elements with extreme ductility, toughness and strength. Due to our more than 25 years theoretical and practical experience we are more than able to handle our products in almost every situation.


More and detailed information regarding the theory, development and applications of High Performance Concrete, Ultra High Performance Concrete, Heavy Reinforced High Performance Concrete and Heavy Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete can be found under Download in the proceeding presented at the 1st International Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete.